Herpes 101

Are you worried about that painful blister you have around your mouth or genitals? Don’t just assume it’s a regular infection or rash. It could be […]

STIs & Pregnancy

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are a serious concern for anyone sexually active, particularly for those who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. These infections can […]

Misconception about Salt and Gin

Let’s talk about one of the most dangerous myths surrounding contraception- the idea that using salt and gin can prevent pregnancy. Unfortunately, this misconception has been […]

Vaginal yeast infections: What you need to know

Ladies, let’s talk about a topic that many of us may have experienced but feel too embarrassed to discuss openly – Vaginal yeast infections. Yeast is […]

Birth control pills: Pros & Cons

Birth control pills can be a lifesaver for many women. They provide a sense of control over their reproductive health and offer a level of convenience […]
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