Playing the pull-out game

Are you playing the “pull-out game” and thinking it’s a reliable form of birth control? Well, let me tell you, my friend, you’re playing a dangerous […]

Does size matter? Read more!

It’s important to remember that everybody is different, and what works for one person may not work for another. Studies have shown that factors such as […]

Male Masturbation: Side Effects, Risks.

The addiction part may sound far-fetched, but think about it. Have you ever found yourself missing out on important activities or relationships because you were too […]

The Truth about Testosterone

Guys! Let’s talk about testosterone, the hormone that either makes you feel like the manliest man in the room or leaves you feeling in the dumps. […]

Sperm Count and Motility: What you need to know

Dear men, it’s time to have a little talk about a topic that’s near and dear to our, ahem, reproductive systems: sperm count and motility. You […]

1 Minute Man: Premature Ejaculation

It’s a common story. You take your partner out for a date, you share laughs, and have the best moments while looking forward to the main […]

Environmental causes of male infertility

Did you know that not all male infertility issues are caused by medical conditions? Meet Dele, a website designer and who works remotely. He just moved […]

Signs of low testosterone

The male reproductive system suffers several deficiencies that can only be detected by diagnosis. A couple of them might share similar signs making it difficult to […]
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